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Looking to tap the secret "cash cow" market of the Yellow Pages? 


PDI: The Phone Embedded Yellow Pages System patent offers a niche into this lucrative market.

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Product Proposal

The following sections explore the various opportunities offered by this patented product.  A set of questions are also answered in each section.


Product Information



               PDI™ (PhoneDirect Immediate™)


              A wire-line, “smart” telephone with embedded multimedia Yellow Pages, which becomes a person’s electronic anchor in a home and office for exploding communications and Internet based services.

             In 2004, the USA Yellow Pages generated over $14 Billion in advertising revenue 1 and Directory Assistance (i.e. 411) generated nearly $4 Billion 2.

Related Documents:

                US Patent 5,484,586 (Assigments)



  What is the market niche of this product?

The proposal’s business area is PCCI™ - the Personal Consumer Communications Industry.

Communities have undergone major changes whenever new and more capable communications technologies have been placed in the hands of people.

The proposed product PDI™ merges the desktop PC with the most popular and ubiquitous communications device – the telephone. A "killer application" is embedded in PDI™, i.e. multimedia Yellow Pages.

  What is the problem / challenge being addressed?

PDI™ provides integrated framework solutions to two fundamental missing links in today’s PCCI™: easily locating timely goods and services in various communities; and using a PCCI™ device that is always-on and available, simple to use, simple to maintain and safe from today’s rampant malware.

  What are some of the current approaches to this problem?

Today the primary computer based PCCI™ devices are PCs dominated by Microsoft operating systems (OSes), with Apple and Linux PCs bringing up a distant rear. Microsoft PCs are plagued by malware, which exploit the complexity and continuing vulnerabilities in Microsoft OSes. Furthermore, Microsoft OSes simply do too much for the average consumer, i.e. more than is needed in PCCI 3.

Another growing computer based PCCI™ device is the Web-enabled cell phone. These phones are limited to short-burst use, because of their ergonomics. Their screens are too small and their keyboards are slow and clumsy because of their small size and awkwardness to use. Furthermore, embedded multimedia Yellow Pages are currently not offered in cell phones.

  Why is this problem worth solving or worth solving better?

People are always looking for simpler and more reliable ways to communicate with each other.

Today’s PCs are plagued by malware, which has lead to an explosion of identity theft and fraud. This in turn has put off almost half of the online community from doing any confidential transactions on the Internet. PDI™ will have a secure OS from the get-go. Furthermore, it resolves two fundamental missing links in today’s personal communications.

  1. PhoneDirect™ - Embedded Multimedia Yellow Pages:
    This software service provides local, dynamic electronic Yellow Pages that are embedded directly into a wire-line phone. A patent has been granted for this service, which is at the heart of PCCI™. The directory is the network;

  2. PhoneDirect Immediate (PDI™):
    A PCCI™ electronic device (i.e. hardware and software) that meets the primary need of its target market: always-on, simple and reliable connection to the Internet and simple and reliable communication, including multimedia electronic Yellow Pages (PhoneDirect™), email, web browsing and instant messaging – The personal communicator.

  How will this product be better than previous approaches?

PDI™ is a patented product. Let us first consider the killer app of multimedia Yellow Pages. Today’s provisioning of the Yellow Pages (YP) is primarily by print, with a growing online web site market.

The primary problems with print media are the following:
· The directories are outdated even before they come off the printing press.

  • Large printing infrastructure and distribution costs.

  • Inflexibility, i.e. cannot tailor it for personal use based on either needs, or shopping seasons and holidays.
  • Limited market area coverage because of physical directory size limitations, i.e. usually limited to cover a single county area.
  • The print YP in a home, or business is rarely found in the room when a person needs the Yellow Pages, and all too often it is from a year or two ago.
  • Recycling of old directories is difficult for end users and county authorities.

The problems with the online web Yellow Pages (YP) include the following:
· User needs to be connected to the Internet to use the directories.

  • Current online directories have limited audience for multimedia advertising because of end-user bandwidth requirements.

  • No personalization currently available for users.
  • Internet connected PCs in a home are rarely found in a room when a person needs the Yellow Pages.

·Furthermore, in both of the print and the web site solutions, the features are monolithic, i.e. other PCCI services such as email; voice telephony, calendaring, etc. are not available. PDI is one stop shopping for all personal communications, including email, web browsing, telephony, the Yellow Pages, Instant Messaging, Chat, etc.


  What is the goal of this product?

The primary goal is to offer an always-on, simple, secure and more reliable electronic counter-top device to communicate with others, in voice and digital online media.

Other goals include the opportunity to:

  • Expand the product's brand and expertise in connecting people instantly with information that they want and need.

  • Expand the company's market by partnering with highly experienced companies in local markets – for example, the local telephone operating companies.

  • Place a company controlled communications device on every counter-top, which can be used to launch new services in PCCI™.

  What are the defining features and benefits of this product?

To embed the Yellow Pages into a phone, a new type of phone is needed, i.e. one in which a "lite" PC has been integrated into the phone - screen, keyboard, disk drive, modem, processor, etc. Standard computer interfaces will also be available to connect PC peripherals such as off-the-shelf PC LCD screens, keyboards, printers, etc. The projected retail cost of this phone will initially be less than $200 (and decreasing in cost every year).

The advantages to embedding the Yellow Page (YP) listings electronically and directly into a phone are as follows:

  • Timely updating of listings (add, delete, modify, suspend), e.g. monthly, weekly, Holidays, etc. = increased revenues.

  • Expansion of offerings' timeliness based on current events, e.g. Super Bowl pizza delivery ad's, etc.

  • Expansion of YP advertising media types, e.g. including video (TV ad's), audio (radio ad's), text and pictures (paper YP) = increased revenues.

  • Easy language translation of YP keywords, e.g. for use in hotels and immigrant communities.

  • Dynamic listing prioritization based on fees, e.g. "Z'" could easily come before "AA".

  • Targeted pop-up ad's, in addition to YP listings that assist the user to make a decision - similar in concept to ad's stuck onto the front of a number of published YP books, but more targeted.

  • Integrated, timely, directory merchant listing coupons.

  • Easy aggregation of listings into categories, e.g. creating categories such as "Moving House", "Children's Entertainment", “Buying a PC”, “Family Christmas/Hanukah/Kwanza shopping”, etc.

  • Updates via the Internet, i.e. minimal distribution costs = reduced costs.

  • YP users (consumers + businesses) need an ISP - opportunity for selling Internet Services.

  • Embedded multi-media YP is independent of ISP connection speed, i.e. is as responsive for a narrowband connection as it is equally for broadband ISP connection.

  • Instant YP availability, i.e. always-on, and use is independent of the phone-line and ISP connection, i.e. no connection is needed to look up info, even info that has video ads. Because PDI is always on, the YP is always available.

  • Small footprint for the user - one stop shopping, i.e. the YP is always co-located with a phone and the Internet.

  • Brand recognition in connecting people with information that they want and need - instantaneously.

Other integrated features of PDI™ will include, straight out of the box:

  • A personal address book
  • Email software
  • Calendar software
  • Task list software
  • Web browser
  • Instant messaging
  • Fax capabilities
  • Voicemail integration, e.g. multiple, individual voicemail boxes for a family
  • Call management
  • VoIP easily integrated at any stage
  • Integrated Internet Search capabilities
  • PC and cell phone network connectivity / synchronization
  • Secure computer-based operating system to reduce malware
  • A controlled platform for new offerings
  • Word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software
  • Phone call doodling games

  What are the revenue opportunities for this product?

The revenue opportunities for embedding the Yellow Pages (YP) directly into a phone are considerable. In 2004, the USA Yellow Pages generated over $14 Billion in advertising revenue 1 and more than $26 Billion in the 27 leading global markets 1 (3.5% growth over 2003). Directory Assistance (i.e. 411) generated nearly $4 Billion 2.


Consider today's YP print listing rates. The monthly rates that one, multi-state local phone company charges its Yellow Pages' customers are as follows:

Monthly Cost YP Listing Space
$ 16.00 Regular listing
$ 10.50 Extra line
$ 35.00 One line listing in bold
$ 110.00 One inch space
$1,346.00 Half page
$2,473.00 Full page

The Yellow Pages are primarily sold to small and medium business enterprises (SME). In the USA there are over 10 million SMEs and over 1.5 million large businesses.

So, if each business in the USA simply has a regular listing in the Yellow Pages today, that generates about $2.2 Billion in revenue per annum. If only 50% of businesses have an additional line in their Yellow Pages listing, this would generate an additional $724 Million in revenues.

If only 10% of US businesses have a full page listing in the Yellow Pages, then this would generate revenue of over $3.4 Billion per annum. If a further 10% of US businesses have a half-page listing in the YP, then this would increase revenue by more than $1.8 Billion per annum. The price for multimedia listings would be commensurately more than today's print Yellow Page listing prices.

In 2004, SBC Communications earned $2.1 Billion in operating income on revenues of $3.8 Billion. BellSouth Corp. earned $954 million on $2 Billion in revenues 4.

It is no wonder that over the past five years, the Yellow Pages have been a favorite target for Private Equity companies to snap up all over the world.

Risks and Rewards

  What are the main business risks of this product?

· Failure to form a partnership with existing Yellow Pages companies, resulting in a loss of experienced and knowledgeable local sales forces.

  • Inability to ignite consumer and business interest in the product.

  • Competition from Microsoft, as well as phone handset vendors.

  • Patent infringement and resulting litigation costs.

  • Product failure will result in loss of start up costs, which are projected to be about $20 Million.

  What are the main rewards of this product?

The market opportunity of PDI™ is immense. In the USA there are:

All of these various market segments use the telephone as the primary means of communicating in PCCI.


PDI™ thus is addressing a large and growing addressable market, with the PDI™ device providing an opportunity for broad and deep penetration of that market.


ceBerg’s patented wire-line phone Embedded Yellow Pages (PhoneDirect™) opens new opportunities for directory services. This software service enables always-on and available, dynamic, timely, multimedia information for the Yellow Pages that does not depend on broadband Internet connectivity.


This service is also easily adapted to provide electronic multimedia catalogs and other information sharing services, to businesses and the public.


1 The Yellow Pages Association
2 “Numbers game”, Forbes, Aug. 9, 2000
Repair Teams Try to Calm 'Computer Rage', The Washington Post, May 1, 2005
4 "Let your fingers do the clicking", BusinessWeek, June 20, 2005


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